Warrior Connection - Those Who Remain - 01.18.15

We had a excellent discussion with author and Vietnam War Army widow Ruth Crocker about her book  "Those Who Remain- Remembrance and Reunion After War".  Ruth married US Army Captain and West Point graduate David Crocker during the build up of the Vietnam War who then became commander of Alpha company 2/22 Infantry. David was killed during combat operations on May 17, 1969 when he was only 25 and Ruth about 23.  The story is also about Ruth's transformation after such a loss and how she found, met, and became family with the survivors of David's company years after the end of the war.  She then learned about the profound impact David had on these men during Nam and still does even years after his death.  It is a story as stated on the book cover about "resilience and emotional transformation following heartbreaking loss demonstrating the tenacious will of the human spirit to heal"  Ruth  who after her loss went back to college and  earned  her Ph.D. in nutrition also briefly discussed the impact of nutrition on stress and health and healing. We have invited her to join Warrior Connection once more in the near future to discuss nutritional aspects that we need to follow for our health optimization.  Ruth is available for talks in support of veterans and families.  
Ruth's must read book is available at www.ruthcroker.com, amazon.com, and via bookstores. 
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