Warrior Connection - 12/16/12

The December 16 edition of Warrior Connnection began a discussion focusing on what needs to be done to create millions of jobs, veteran specific education/ training policies and funding, somehow ensure veterans have the academic and vocational qualifications for long term permanent employment, are physiologically and psychologically capable, and that they are in the right locations for the available jobs. Guests were Professor Michael Eisenscher (www.uslaboragainstwar.org) ) and Mary Hlady of Military Familes Speak Out (www.mfso.org). As our discussion continues we will also continue to discuss barriers to employment that include

1,. physiological- medical problems

2. psychological effects

3. academic qualifications

4. vocational skill qualifications

5. future deployments

6. union skilled labor - internship training - apprentice requirements

7. social- cultural aspects

8. reality of war.

9. certification - license requirements.

10. translation of military jobs to civilian jobs as appropriate

11. individual attitudes

12. education/ training policies

13. funding.

Currently academic knowledge and vocational skill qualifications for current and anticipated jobs is probably the critical barrier along with educational policies and funding. It is important to remember that currently education funding and policy is a local controlled issue not a national issue.

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