Warrior Connection - 12.14.14

We began our discussion with an update from co-host Denise Nichols, RN, Major,  USAF retired on last week's IOM meetings and new VA taskings to IOM on medical care.  We then shifted our focus to a discussion on DUCRETE with road construction crewmember and now DUCRETE affected Becky K. who has confirmed adverse  health effects from DU EXPOSURES from road construction use of DUCRETE and DUAG. BECKY IS NOW LEADING THE FIGHT FOR HER OWN MEDICAL CARE AND DUCRETE EDUCATION AND MEDICAL CARE FOR ALL OTHER ROAD CONSTRUCTION CREWMEMBERS AFFECTED BY USE OF DUCRETE-DUAG. We learned- confirmed  that health effects are the same and simply horrible for all forms of civilian or military DU exposures.  In review:  The Pentagon briefing given by Colonel J. Edgar Wakayama, Director of the Operational Test and Evaluation Command (http://www.traprockpeace.org/du_dtic_wakayama_Aug2002.html) confirms not only lung cancer but other serious medical problems such as respiratory, eye, skin, genetic abnormalities, and specific warnings about food, water, air, and soil contamination. It is critical to understand that Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army Walker ordered the Director of the United States Army Environmental Policy Institute to determine how to reduce the toxicity of uranium munitions and the reported conclusion was that quote “Ways to Reduce DU Toxicity No available technology can significantly change the inherent chemical and radiological toxicity of DU. These are intrinsic properties of uranium.  “ end quote.  The United States Department of Veterans Affairs VISN 11 has distributed a booklet “Some things you need to know about veterans- A Clinicians Guide to Veteran’s Specific Issues” in which they state quote:“Some of the physical symptoms which may occur as a result of exposure to depleted uranium are: sleep problems, mood swings, symptoms in upper or lower respiratory system, neuropsychological symptoms (including memory loss), chronic fatigue and immune system dysfunction (CFDIS), skin rashes and unusual hair loss, aching joints, headaches, abdominal pain, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, menstrual disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms (recurrent diarrhea), nervous disorders (such as numbness in a limb), multiple chemical sensitivity, birth defects in children whose parents were exposed.”  End quote. Becky has many of these medical problems same as other DU casualties including both Denise and I. .
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