Warrior Connection - 10/12/14

The October 12 edition of Warrior Connection was a discussion with children's author and Vietnam era Navy reserve veteran Ron Hoffman (rehoffman@mchsi.com)  ) who read his children's book "Mr. Lucky"  about a cat and talked about his upcoming children's book  "The Neighborhood" featuring squirrels.  Holly Thompson, Rantoul (Illinois) Public library director (hollysrpl@gmail.com) also joined us as we  discussed reading, writing, and various library programs for families and veterans.  
Ron's books are available through Tate Publishing www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore telephone 888 361 9473.
November is national write a novel in a month. PRN listeners might take this golden opportunity, have some fun,  and sure could make some unique contributions
THE RANTOUL PUBLIC LIBRARY web site is www.rantoul.lib.il.us.
Warrior Connection will continue as in the past to invite authors to join us and discuss their work as reading and writing can be extremely beneficial to all. Previous author discussions are archived for your enjoyment at prn.fm. If you would like to join us a guest on future programs please contact us via prn.fm.
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