Warrior Connection - 07/15/12

We discuss the stinging assessment of VA programs as completed by the VA's own research advisory committee that found:

VA Misdirected Gulf War Illness Research, focusing on efforts against Gulf War veterans rather than working to improve our health; VA Misrepresented Scientific Conclusions About GWI and the effort being made to address it, including whitewashing GWI out of a major, groundbreaking, consensus-developed strategic plan that had previously been aimed squarely at GWI treatments VA Ignored Public Panels (such as the RAC), including in a major national study that ignored GWI and instead focused largely on long discredited "stress" and psychological issues VA Slashed GWI Research Budget by two-thirds, from $15 million per year to less than $5 million per year VA Failed to Follow Law (1), by not contracting with the IOM to research multiple sclerosis among Gulf War veterans, as mandated by Congress. VA Failed to Follow Law (2), by not researching treatments for physical ailments as mandated by Congress, instead focusing on scientifically discredited “stress” and psychiatric theories, in a new IOM "treatment" panel created this year. this was written up very well by Anthony Hardy in his commentary here.

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