Warrior Connection - 07/08/12

This episode of the Warrior Connection highlights the Chanute Air Museum and Rantoul Illinois Historical foundation museum that both provide education, displays (including over 40 aircraft), and research opportunities to study the history of flight and the history of the former United States Air Force's Chanute  Technical Training Center that provided training from 1917 through 1993.  We also discuss the proposed Veterans Memorial to be built on the north end of base  parade field  to honor all veterans who served in all branches of our nation's military and all who came through Chanute AFB. My guests are Nancy Koble, President of the Chanute Air Museum Foundation and Jim Cheek, President of the Rantoul Historical foundation, a Vietnam veteran, and chair of the Veterans memorial foundation. We also discuss the upcoming July 27- 31 visit of one our nation's treasures the Texas Raider B 17 and how to sign up for a flight or $10 raffle ticket to win the flight of a lifetime at Chanute Air Museum. .
Contacts are:
www.aeromuseum.org or 217 893-1613
www.rvmrantoul.org or 217 714- 1352
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