How to Sue The VA - 11.30.14

Chicago based attorney Kevin O'Connor and his client Terrell Green joined hosts Doug Rokke and Patricia Axelrod to discuss how to sue the VA as well as the pitfalls one encounters from filing the lawsuit to the time the court decides a ruling.  Terrel Green spoke of his father, Vietnam Veteran- Purple Heart Recipient, Lawrence Sinnin,  who was denied  timely medical attention and subsequently  " died like an unloved dog" in the parking lot of the North Chicago (Il.)  VA facility.  Kevin O'Connor, who is suing the VA on behalf of Terrell and his family, spoke of the actual process of suing the VA under the Federal Tort Claims Act; which is the only means and ways of litigating against the VA. While O'Connor emphasized the difficulty of the process he encouraged Veterans and their families to seek justice through the courts and stands by ready to serve their legal needs. Kevin O'Connor of the O'Connor Law Firm can be reached at blank.gif312-906-7602 or

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