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Warrior Connection- 06.10.18

Friday, June 15th, 2018

The Jun 10th edition of Warrior Connection was dedicated to Ray Clark's USMC Vietnam era platoon members who were killed, were wounded, or survived the horrors of ground combat during the Vietnam War.   We also read two poems from Western Illinois University's 2018 edition of SITREP: Veteran Perspectives on Combat and Peace.


Warrior Connection- 06.03.18

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Our guest for this week is Desert Storm Veteran, USAF Capt. (retired) , Lydia Pace..  Lydia served as a USAF reservist from 1981-1991 during which time she was activated and deployed first to Desert Shield and then Desert Storm from October 1990 to the end of Desert Storm in February 1991..  She is an RN and while in country she served as a charge nurse with the 34th Medical Evacuation Service (MSEC) attached to the 1st Tactical Areomedical Staging Facility. Deployed right at the Desert Storm Flight Line her duty in theater  was to help prepare wounded soldiers for flight to US military hospitals located in Germany (Ramstein primarily)   or in Spain.  Serving in that capacity she helped save the lives of countless soldiers for which out country owes her a debt of honor....a debt America has yet to pay her or the other hundreds of thousands Desert Storm Veteran suffering from Persian Gulf War Illness.  Lydia her self is quite ill as a consequence of her service and she is here today to tell us about this and about her experience in war and post Desert Storm in 'battle' against the VA..  She is an unsung American hero and we are proud to have her our program today. Guest. co-host, Patricia Axelrod Director of the Desert Storm Think Tank and All Veterans' Advocate has known her for about 25 years or so and is proud to have the chance to air her story.  (Axelrod stands by to assist veteran/soldiers in need  and can be reached at 775-412-5980).