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Warrior Connection – 09.20.15

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

The September 20 Warrior Connection program is dedicated to SSG Paul Lyons, retired , 100% disabled,  U.S. Army, 101st Airborne who committed suicide on March 15, 2015. Paul’s birthday would have been September 23. Paul was co-host of this program Warrior Connection and was abandoned by the Army and VA.  Paul, even though very ill, kept trying to help all other vets.  In Paul’s own words before the crash. Paul’s widow Tammy Lyons joins Major Denise Nichols, RN, USAF retired  and I, Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D. U.S. Army, retired,  to discuss the horror. Tammy is a U.S. Navy veteran herself.   This discussion must not be in vain.  

Paul wrote:


I have had the privilege to have co-hosted With Doug Rokke And Denise Nichols on Gary Nulls Radio Station, known as "The Progressive Radio Network", out of New York City, regarding the various exposures that occurred during Desert Storm, whether they be concerning Depleted Uranium, Biological Warfare, and Chemical exposures; not to mention experimental shots with records of them being given as well as Nerve Agent pre-Treatment pills that we were ordered to take, that occurred during Operation Desert Storm. I and well over 275K Troops are said to be on the Gulf War Registry. I have also been exposed...I have two post war Children who are also sick, including my wife. How's that for a "Welcome Home Party"? The VA and DOD Need to Restart  their Children and Spouse Health Registry and get with program! We didn't ask for this and I DAMN sure wouldn't have intentionally exposed my Wife and now my sick post Gulf War Children, had I known that the birth defects and Illnesses were transmittable...This has been a NIGHTMARE for my wife and I. Someone In The Federal Government needs To Pick up the dropped ball and GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! We Also Need New Congressional Hearing's, from somebody in Congress with the backbone and fortitude of Former US Senator Donald Riegle, (R) Who saw the problem back in the early 1990's and held hearings, trying to get to the TRUTH of Gulf WAR Illnesses and now we have possible OIF exposures as well. This Government needs to settle this most important issue once and for all....If our current CBRN, also known as NBC gear is faulty, then let's fix the problem...WE know it there are GAPS, so let's FIX IT!!

 end quote

The crash suicide 

SSG Paul Lyons 101st airborne us army retired- ultimate veterans advocate and my co-host of  warrior connection on reached the breaking point of no return and committed suicide on Sunday march 15 2015 .  Paul had called national hotline for help on march 7 at about 3 am and they failed to help. Paul called Major Denise Nichols, RN for help.  Denise called me, I got Chaplain Brian Manigold – Danville (Illinois)  illiana VA Medical Center to call Paul about 3:30 am.  Brian got to Paul but being about 400 miles away could only offer verbal help.  Hot line- Va- DOD failed Paul. In our last talk only days before he left us Paul told me he had nothing left.  He had outlined the problems and offered the solution in one of his last emails to me.  The army (101st AB) and va who paul once trusted had dumped him like so many others, Overt retaliation aimed at Paul because of Paul’s efforts  and on others he loved took its toll.   Paul’s  abandonment and the ongoing abandonment of so many others including me cannot be allowed to continue. we must fix the va now and stop ongoing trashing of God's earth. Our nation and God just lost one of the finest we must now force va and dod to change. Please help edit or add to these recommendations to stop the misery. 

  1. CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATON must be made available and completed such as initiated in the ATTACHED POWER POINT. The numerous investigative documentaries  must be made available and watched to begin to comprehend and resolve the lingering problems.
  1. MEDICAL CARE must be optimized.
  1. coordinated medical care appointments

    10. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE WARS.  Ethical moral dimension


  1. crisis line follow up through referral
  2. verify definitive treatment- recovery plan.
  3. crises intervention team- chaplain, medic,
  4. no police swat team intervention unless chaplain makes call.
  5. return all phone calls requests for help before end of day- even if only contact.
  6. thorough support system- action plan.
  7. Coordinated family support- notification
  8. thorough primary and secondary – historical survey to determine casuals relationships – DD 2796
  9. coordinated best friend(s) coordination
  10. do not give referral back to failed group – team

Warrior Connection – 09.13.15

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
The US is using the drones in the context of the so called 'war on terror'  to change international law.    Over the last 150 years, U.S. citizens have written much of the international law that is out  there, yet the U.S. generally exempts itself from those laws.  Even so, this is a new trick, where by it is noted that the "Common Law" is defined by precedent (you can find this in ICRC documents on international law) and so, the U.S. now contends that if the most powerful nation in the world sets a new precedent, then so be it - that becomes the law.  

The use of drones is particularly disturbing because they spy and use lethal force outside of designated war zones.   This undermines those boundaries.   I used this point in my testimony at one of the trials where I was a defendant.   The Hague Conventions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries specifically say that if you have a weapon whose capabilities don't fall under current international law, you can only use it in ways that abide by current law until the international community can come together and decide how it should be used.  These days, the U.N. addresses these issues after the fact and the U.S. ignores the resultant treaties.

In the Hague conventions, they use the phrase "empire of the principles of international law" which can be counter-posed to "the international law of  empire".  Nice language.   Here's a link to my statement - if you are interested:

and one more web site:

Warrior Connection – 09.06.15

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

On today's Warrior Connection, they had a discussion about diet, nutrition, and weight control.  The physiological effects of toxic exposures have a serious negative effect on cellular nutrition and hence a  sound well balanced diet is essential.