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Warrior Connection - 02.15.15

Friday, February 20th, 2015
Feb 15 Warrior Connection featured a discussion with Chris Martini about PRN's "Gulf War Illiness- Killing our Own" that Gary and him along with other PRN family did (  then a discussion about Chris' new feature film "Trooper"

Cast: Christopher Martini, Gary Swanson, Max Martini, Robert Walden, Eddie Manley, Suzanne DiDonna, Jerry Della Salla, Richard Levine, Giada Dobrzenska, Kevin Mambo, Sayra Player
Genre: Drama | War | Romance 
Writer / Director / Producer: Christopher Martini
Production Company: Triple Martini Productions, Denarius Entertainment, Little Wonder Films

Murphy OShea, an Iraq Veteran, has a hard time re-adjusting to society upon his return from a long tour. His world crumbles when he discovers his father, Bill, a Vietnam Veteran, is dying. Trooper is a story of a father and son, two veterans from two very different Wars, helping each other to get through each day, and heal the wounds of War.

"TROOPER" – A Film by Christopher Martini 
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Warrior Connection - 02.01.15

Sunday, February 1st, 2015
Captain David Winnett- USMC  retired discussed his poetry, his 20 years in the corps as both enlisted and officer, his  ongoing work as a veterans advocate, his web site "gulf war illiness", and his work on CDMRP review board. We all so mentioned  Gary Null's - Chris Martini's PRN documentary "Killing Our Own"  and then Chris Martini's feature film "TROOPER" that resulted from the earlier exceptional PRN efforts .   David's poetry is archived here for all to read and contemplate.  David's poetry comes from the heart of a warrior.