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Warrior Connection - 11.23.14

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Will Hopkins, veteran of Iraq and the Fallujah offensive, on how US policy and warfare is fueling and encouraging ISIS, and why we have to get out of Iraq. 

Warrior Connection - 11/16/14

Monday, November 17th, 2014

We continued our discussion on VA problems and solutions.  Given the extent of the problems co-host Patricia Axelrod, Director Desert Storm Think Tank advocates abolishment of the VA and issuing medical access cards for civilian care at veterans choice similar to MEDICARE and TRICARE while co-hosts Denise Nichols and Doug Rokke advocate revamping the VA due to limitations in civilian care for military type injuries and illnesses. Upon reflection, given the extent of the problems that are far greater than resource management and prompt appointments and given the reluctance of VA officials to resolve the eternal problems Patricia just might be right. Denise had offered a path to resolve VA problems in 1999 during an IOM - NIH hearing in DC. They were ignored then as they are now. Either way something must be done as the imbedded problems are far worse than can be corrected through resource management.  Essentially, evidences indicates that the VA is a vets adversary rather than an advocate. We will continue this discussion and invite participation. Upcoming programs are on Falujah and then on the last Sunday in November critical issue of legal aspects- suing the VA.

Warrior Connection - 11/09/14

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014
This Veteran's Day 2014 edition co-hosted by Major Denise Nichols, RN, USAF retired and Dr./ Major Doug Rokke, US Army, retired  was a discussion with WW2 Army Air Corps- USAF retired LTC/ Professor/Dr.  Tom Yancey- (92 years old) on his experiences as a bombadier on B 24 aircraft flying bombing missions out of Italy during 1944-1945 and his career after WW2 thanks to the GI bill. After WW 2 ended Tom used the new GI bill  to earn his B.S., MS, and Ph.D. in accounting going on to a distinguished joint military-university career retiring from the US Air Force Reserve in 1982 and then retiring as a professor from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.   

Warrior Connection - 11/02/14

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
Nov 2 edition was continuation of our discussion with Bob Koehler on peace war military veterans issues as related to news -  journalists etc.
This program is dedicated to Bill McNeeley who died abandoned by the Army he loved.
co - host SSG Paul Lyons 101st AB retired discussed his plans for a new web site loaded with essential information.