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Warrior Connection - 04/28/13

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Warrior Connection - 04/21/13

Sunday, April 21st, 2013
DENISE NICHOLS GAVE  AN UPDATE ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN WASHINGTON FOR VETERANS especially with the continued "house cleaning" going on in the VA, the congressional and veterans groups  mandate forcing VA  "Emphasis" on reducing the approaching one million cases claims backlog, and the reinforced committment to provide us optimal medical care by the:
War Related Illness and Injury Study Center (WRIISC) Department of Veterans Affairs 50 Irving St. NW, Room 3B129 Washington, D.C. 20422 202-745-8000 Ext. 6234 800-722-8340 202-518-4666 Fax
We then continued on with our ongoing discussion with two more wonderful authors: Tish Cook and B Kay Neal  who's books and professional experience all relate to improving all aspects of our lives. Tish is a retired professional trainer that veterans could emulate.  Kay has been connected with the military her entire life as the daughter of an USAF senior NCO and then as a military spouse.
You can obtain copies of their books from:
Kay Neal
Back to Teach Your Dog Latin: It's up on Amazon, and I've put a link below to the Look Inside feature. At the risk of overloading you with more prep than you intended to do or have time for, I'll mention that I have a website and blog at and that there is some bio information at the back of Teach Your Dog Latin, which can be accessed through the link.
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Warrior Connection - 04/14/13

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Warrior Connection - 04/07/13

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
Denise Nichols opened the April 7 Warrior Connection with an appeal for all veterans to contact their congressional representative to gather support for veterans medical research and the "Dear Colleague" letter circulating in Washington D.C.   Please see Denise Nichols' page on Facebook for specific information.
Former Vietnam era U.S. Navy corpsman David Kirk then joined us to talk about his books: "Particular Stones" and "Cornerstones". Both of his books deal with coming of age and learning to live together.  As a veteran, psychologist, and human resources expert David then gave suggestions on how veterans can sell themselves to future employers. He also discussed his upcoming book on the a boy dealing with the floods along the  Red River between Minnesota and North Dakota.
Author site:

Amazon (Kindle, paperback)

Barnes & Noble (Nook, paperback)

Publisher: Martin Sisters Publishing

David's newest book led perfectly into our next guest who lived on a farm on the Minnesota side right along the Red River across from Grand Forks during the time of the  floods featured in David's newest book.
Our next guest was Bonnie Rokke Tinnes, my cousin- a retired teacher (Russian linguist), farm wife, and psych nurse-  who talked about her poetry book "Snow Presents and Other Poems', her self finding book: "I Am A Woman- I am A Person" and then two of her books in the expanding Margaret series:  "Growing Up Margaret" and "Margaret Inc."  The acclaimed "Margaret" series  is about a girl growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota during the 1950's.

Bonnie’s Personal Website:

and for books and other information:

Both authors also read selected excerpts from their published works and provided suggestions how vets can write for healing and enjoyment.